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Shaker Wall Panelling Kit – Various Sizes

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Wall Panelling Kits- Transform Your Home With Impactful Yet Simple Design

The Shaker wall panelling kit is a versatile and easy-to-install system that adds a touch of classic style to any room. The kit consists of loose components, including stiles and rails made from 9mm moisture-resistant MDF. You can add on decorative mouldings to your kit to customise it to meet your requirements perfectly.

This open-backed kit utilises the wall as the panel, creating a seamless appearance when painted in the same colour. In most cases, no additional preparation is required, but if the wall surface is uneven, an MDF sheet can be added to your kit and installed first to provide a smooth base. You can find the perfect one here. We recommend using Moisture Resistant MDF (which is what all our kits are made of), but ultimately, you know if you can get away with normal MDF or not.

Why DIY Wall Panelling?

  1. Affordability: DIY wall panelling kits are a more affordable option than hiring a professional to install them.
  2. Versatility: There are a variety of different wall panelling kits available, so you can choose one that perfectly suits your style and budget.
  3. Ease of installation: Most DIY wall panelling kits are relatively easy to install, even for beginners.
  4. Personalization: DIY wall panelling allows you to express your unique style and create a space that is truly your own.

In addition to these four benefits, DIY wall panelling can also help to improve the acoustics and insulation of your home. It can also create a more inviting and stylish atmosphere.

How Do Your Kits Work?

Simply measure out your wall width, figure out how high you want your panelling to go and buy as many kits as you need.

Our kits are designed to give you maximum control and flexibility ,this is why our kits are 1.2m high. All of them are supplied with a full frame ( no missing sides or edges) and they are all made from moisture resistant MDF, meaning you can use them in the bathroom as well as the bedroom (trade secret: we don’t charge a premium for the same thing like many companies do!)

Measure and fit your bottom panel first, this usually goes above the skirting board but sometimes it can meet the floor directly.


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