Timber offcuts to be used for firewood
Firewood being burnt outside in a firepit in a large garden with timber chairs
Firewood logs bagged up close up image
Timber offcuts to be used for firewood
Timber offcuts to be used for firewood
Firewood being burnt outside in a firepit in a large garden with timber chairs
Firewood logs bagged up close up image

Firewood Offcut Bags – 10KG

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Eco-Friendly Kiln-Dried Firewood Bags – The Sustainable Choice

Transform your heating experience with our eco-conscious bags of firewood. Crafted from the very offcuts of our timber projects, this product exemplifies our no-waste philosophy. At Coventry Timber, every splinter of wood is valued – your cozy fire nights are now environmentally friendly!

Firewood That Feels Right

Feel the warmth without the guilt. Our kiln-dried firewood comes from the same high-quality timber we offer for your projects, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. It’s not just firewood; it’s a statement of sustainable living.

Why Kiln-Dried?

Benefit Description
Lower Moisture Less than 20% moisture content means your firewood burns hotter and cleaner.
Higher Efficiency Kiln drying increases the wood’s burning efficiency – more heat, less waste.
Ready to Burn No waiting needed. Our firewood is stored in dry bags, ready for that spontaneous fire pit gathering.
Cleaner Burning Reduced creosote buildup, minimizing the risk of chimney fires and increasing air quality in your home.
Pest-Free The kiln drying process eliminates bugs and fungus, ensuring your home stays clean and safe.

Your Eco-Friendly Heat Source

When you choose our firewood, you’re not just preparing for a chilly evening; you’re making a choice that benefits the earth. Our firewood is:

  • Eco-friendly: Made from offcuts, reducing waste.
  • Sustainable: Sourced responsibly from our own timber yard.
  • Quality assured: Each piece of wood meets our high standards.

Versatility At Its Best

Whether you’re cozying up by your living room fireplace, enjoying the crackle of a wood stove, or gathering around a backyard fire pit, our firewood is suited for all scenarios. It’s not only for warmth but also for cooking up a great BBQ or smoking meats to perfection.

How To Use

  1. Open Fires: Create memories by the hearth with wood that burns with a steady flame and radiates heat.
  2. Wood Burners & Stoves: Maximize efficiency with wood that keeps your home toasty for longer.
  3. Outdoor Fire Pits: Be the host of the season with firewood that sparks up quickly and burns throughout your event.

Ready When You Are

Our firewood bags are convenient and user-friendly. No fuss, no mess – just pure, burning bliss. Ready to ignite, these bags are a staple for anyone from the casual fireplace user to the avid outdoor entertainer.

Product Specifications

  • Material: 100% timber offcuts
  • Storage: Kiln-dried, bagged
  • Bag Weight: Approximately 10kg
  • Usage: Indoor and outdoor fires

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All of these bags can have a mix of natural, unprocessed woods and weigh approx 10KG


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