Monster Glue D4 premium wood glue
Monster Glue D4 premium wood glue
Monster Glue D4 premium wood glue

D4 Premium Wood Glue 250ml

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Water, impact and temperature resistant bond
A ready to use, solvent‐free industrial grade PVA timber adhesive which is suitable for use in damp and humid conditions, inside and out, and gives a high strength, water, impact and temperature resistant bond that is usually stronger than the wood itself.


  •  Excellent water resistance, suitable for water immersion.
  • Fast setting.
  • Short press time.
  • It is possible to process wood species like pine or spruce with pressing times of minimum 12 minutes.
  • Improved adhesion on difficult wood species (eg. oak, larch).
  • Low timber staining characteristics; no discolouration of the glue line due to the influence of process heat (eg. HF‐press).
  • Improved heat‐ and water resistance when using high process temperatures (eg. 70°C).


  • Apply this adhesive thinly and evenly to one side or, if a high degree of water resistance is required, to both sides, using a spreading machine, glue roller, serrated trowel, glue brush and another suitable device.
  • Do not over apply as this will slow down cure.
  • Clamp surfaces together until adhesive dries. (off in <1 hour: full strength 8 hours). Support until fully cured (8 hours at 20°C). Ensure product is fully dried before water exposure (approx.1 week).
  • When fitting dowels, the adhesive should be applied to the holes.
  • Best results will be achieved when room, material and adhesive temperature is between 18 – 20o C


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