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CLS Studding Timber

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CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard) stud timber from Coventry Timber Products is exactly what you need for building and supporting strong, durable timber frames. CLS studding timber is finished on all faces and sides, as well as rounded/eased edges, to offer a smooth product that is ideal for frame building and stud work. These profiles are recognised as superior structural timber by trade and commercial scale contractors and haves a higher level of grading – C16/24. For amazing, consistent quality for frames and studding, choose our CLS stud timber that can be both sawn and tanalised to suit your requirements.


  • A wide range of measurements and options for sawn or treated profiles 
  • Perfect for studding work, frame building and constructing cavity walls 
  • Benefit from rounded/eased edges 
  • Has a clear finish on all sides and faces 
  • CLS timber for stud walls has a higher level of grading, testing and finishing, meaning it holds strong and straight over time


Sizes Available

Choose from a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses to suit your requirements. We supply CLS studding timber in lengths of: 

  • 2.4m 
  • 3m 
  • 4.8m 


Choose between sawn and treated width and thickness sizes of 50 x 75mm and 50 x 100mm. 

If you want your timber cut to size, just let us know your specifications when filling out your information above.

Additional Information

CLS stud profiles can be used with plasterboard and when skimmed will finish at 94mm, the same as the size of a standard door lining – which we also sell! If you intend to use CLS stud timber for exterior projects, ensure you select your sizes as treated, so they withstand and are resistant to moisture, insects and fungi growth. 


  • Use untreated CLS outdoors as long as it’s fully sealed or painted with appropriate treatment 
  • Treated CLS stud timber is your go-to for building shed frames and flooring thanks to its straight edge and density 
  • Utilise for interior framing and partitioning, including walls, doorways and windows 
  • Ideal for roof and floor joists or any carcassing application

Take your studding work, frames and more to the next level with Coventry Timber Products’ CLS studding timber that can be cut to custom sizes upon request treated to enhance its durable properties. For any questions or queries on our products, we’re here to talk on 02476 581 904 or send us your details using our contact form. 


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