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Roof Battens & Small Sections | Roofing | Lath

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Uncompromising Quality for Lasting Performance – The Essential Foundation for Your Roof

“Preserve your projects with treated roofing battens and laths and achieve precision and longevity.”

We supply a selection of treated roof battens and laths that establish the benchmark for outstanding quality and functionality. We offer the ideal solution to match your requirements, whether you need timber roof battens treated for areas prone to moisture or untreated ones for particular customisation. Our timber has been carefully designed to produce our battens and laths, guaranteeing a long lifespan and durability for a variety of construction applications. Put your trust in Coventry Timber to prolong the lifespan and improve the structural integrity of your projects.


  • Uncompromising timber quality for reliable performance.
  • Wide selection of treated and untreaded options and sizes.
  • Versatile options for interior and exterior roofing applications.
  • Enhance the longevity and structural integrity of your projects.
  • Low prices from Coventry Timber on our timber roof battens and other treated timber products.


Sizes Available:

Available in lengths of 4.2/4.8m.

  • 19 x 38mm Tanalised
  • 25 x 100mm Sawn
  • 25 x 100mm Tanalised
  • 25 x 150mm Sawn
  • 25 x 150mm Tanalised
  • 25 x 38mm Tanalised
  • 25 x 50mm Tanalised
  • 38 x 50mm Sawn
  • 38 x 50mm Tanalised

The option to have custom sized sawn and treated roofing battens is also available here at Coventry Timber.

Additional Information

A treated roof batten is a durable solution for providing a fixing point for roof tiles, able to easily carry the weight thanks to Coventry Timber using C16/24 grade timber . Choosing the right sized battens will depend on various factors, such as your roofing material, and the team at Coventry Timber can offer expert advice on which size will be most suited for your needs.


  • The versatile nature of our timber roof battens means they can be utilised on interior trim, exterior cladding or decorative elements.
  • Complement traditional and contemporary designs.
  • Diverse sizes, profiles and finishes available to suit any job.
  • Provides unparalleled structural support.
  • Ideal fixing points for roofing materials including shingles and tiles.

In addition to our treated roofing battens, Coventry Timber supplies a wide range of Pressure Treated Timber products, all with varying sizes and uses and affordable prices. You can send us an enquiry to support@coventrytimber.co.uk to inform us of your requirements or give us a call on 02476 581 904 for any questions on our timber roof battens and other products.


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Important Information

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  • Free delivery on all timber orders in Coventry.
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