DeWalt spade bit product
DeWalt Spade bit for Flatwood Cutting Wood
DeWalt spade bit product
DeWalt spade bit product
DeWalt Spade bit for Flatwood Cutting Wood

22mm EXTREME Spade Bit

£6.06 VAT included


Unleash Unmatched Drilling Precision with the EXTREME® Spade Bit—The Perfect Combination of Size, Durability, and Efficiency for All Your Woodworking Needs! Searching for a drill bit that can effortlessly pierce through all types of wood, even those embedded with nails? Look no further than the EXTREME® Spade Bit, the gold standard in drilling excellence.


???? Perfect Dimensions: With a 22mm diameter and 152mm length, this spade bit is perfectly sized for versatile and efficient drilling. No matter the thickness or type of wood, this bit will get the job done.


???? Robust and Reliable: Built to last, this bit can handle even the toughest of tasks. Whether you’re drilling into hardwood, softwood, lumber, or wood with nails, expect smooth, clean holes every time.


???? Slip-Proof Shank: Featuring a 1/4″ shank, you can be confident in a secure, slip-proof clamping. No more fumbling or readjustments—once it’s in place, it stays there.


???? Pinpoint Precision: Bevelled outer cutting edges ensure your drill starts exactly where you want it to. This ensures not just precise positioning, but also a clean hole pattern, even in wood filled with nails.


???? Fast and Efficient: Designed for rapid drilling, this bit significantly speeds up your workflow. Get more done in less time, without compromising on quality. Transform the way you approach your woodworking projects with the EXTREME® Spade Bit, your ultimate solution for durable, precise, and efficient drilling. Say goodbye to inadequate bits that break easily and hello to the new staple of your toolkit. Upgrade your drilling game today!


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