timber sleepers for garden landscaping
softwood sleepers pressure treated wood
timber sleepers close up image
timber sleepers for garden landscaping
timber sleepers for garden landscaping
softwood sleepers pressure treated wood
timber sleepers close up image

2.4m 100 x 200mm Pressure-Treated Solid Pine Sleeper

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Create Beautiful and Functional Landscapes

“Transform Your Garden with Pressure-Treated Pine Garden Railway Sleepers”

Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your garden with pressure-treated pine garden railway sleepers. These versatile and durable sleepers offer endless possibilities for creating stunning landscaping features. Whether you’re looking to build retaining walls, raised beds, steps, or decorative borders, our pressure-treated pine sleepers provide a natural and timeless solution that adds charm and character to your outdoor space. Create beautiful and functional landscapes with ease using our high-quality garden railway sleepers.

  • Create beautiful and functional landscapes
  • Versatile and durable pressure-treated pine sleepers
  • Ideal for retaining walls, raised beds, steps, and borders
  • Enhance the charm and character of your garden


Longevity and Resilience for Outdoor Use

“Enjoy Years of Beauty and Performance with Pressure-Treated Pine Sleepers”

Our pressure-treated pine garden railway sleepers are specially treated to resist decay, rot, and insect damage, ensuring their longevity and resilience in outdoor environments. This treatment process not only enhances the durability of the sleepers but also preserves their natural beauty, allowing them to withstand the elements and maintain their appearance over time. With our pressure-treated pine sleepers, you can confidently create long-lasting garden features that require minimal maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space.

  • Longevity and resilience for outdoor use
  • Specially treated to resist decay, rot, and insects
  • Preserve natural beauty and appearance
  • Minimal maintenance for long-lasting performance


Easy Installation for Versatile Garden Projects

“Simplify Your Garden Projects with Effortless Installation of Pressure-Treated Pine Sleepers”

Installing pressure-treated pine garden railway sleepers is a straightforward process, making your garden projects hassle-free. The versatility of these sleepers allows for various applications and design possibilities, enabling you to bring your creative visions to life. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a beginner gardener, our pressure-treated pine sleepers are user-friendly and easy to work with. Their manageable weight and standardized sizes ensure convenient handling and seamless installation, giving you the confidence to tackle any garden project with ease.

  • Easy installation for versatile garden projects
  • Versatile applications and design possibilities
  • User-friendly and easy to work with
  • Manageable weight and standardized sizes for convenient handling



  • Used to create raised beds/veg patches, retaining walls, large fences and even sunken pathways.
  • If being used for a retaining wall, we recommend using a membrane behind it to maximise the lifespan of the Sleepers.
  • Being such durable and strong pieces of timber they can be used for many applications in the garden such as:

  • Sunken Pathways – Especially useful if you don’t want to lose too much grass in the garden!

  • Raised Beds – Sleepers can look striking in the garden when stacked on top of one another to create raised beds.

  • Garden/ Lawn Edging – A precise and contrasting edging to your lawn, stones or flowerbeds.

  • Retaining walls – These can add a lot of depth to a raised area in the garden.

  • Steps- Used as the step’s front edge, sleepers will effortlessly add colour and character to the garden.

  • Sandpits & Play Areas – You can quickly create a sandpit from just 2 large sleepers due to their size!

  • Solid Pine is full of character and colour, ready to be stained, painted or oiled to meet your style.
  • These Pine sleepers can be sanded down to provide a smooth finish.
  • Once sawn, we recommend treating the end with wood preservative.

All sizes are nominal


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