A shout-out to the 1st time buyers this week!


With a 5% mortgage scheme being announced this last week in the budget outline for 2021 it might have sparked some peoples interest for a 1st time buy, or even a more affordable option to get you onto the property ladder. Whether you’re looking to buy, a new homeowner or just want a change up its the little details that catch your eye in a property.

Skirting, architraves, picture railing and beading can give you that look you want whether it’s modern minimalistic with a chamfered edge or you want it too look a little more traditional/rustic with a torus or ogee finish.

We have a variety of different skirtings and architraves on offer! Unfortunately at the moment with the trade counter not being open we can’t show you our great display showcasing them all 🙁

Don’t worry though… here’s a picture 😉

Whether it’s softwood or primed we have a variety of different styles of mouldings.

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